Some Nice Things About Homebirth

Whether or not to have a baby at home is a personal decision, and each family knows what’s best for them.  However, here are some of the selling points:

Your own bed, your own clothes, your own food, your own environment, your own music.

You can move around freely, labor in whatever positions you like and give birth in whatever position you choose.  No stirrups, either, unless they came with your bed…

You are encouraged to eat and drink during labor.

There are no routines to follow, just the rhythms of your body.

You can have whomever you choose in the room with you.

You have more of a sense of calling the shots, since your care providers come to you and are guests in your home. 

Postpartum visits at home in your baby’s first week.

sleeping dad

Lots and lots of support for natural birth.

You work with your midwife as a team, and develop a trusting, equal relationship.  The end choice is always yours.

Customized care-You don’t get lost in the shuffle or have to fight off  interventions that aren’t right for you.

Freedom to follow your own traditions, customs and beliefs as you please.

It's always your birth, and your choice.

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