Childbirth and Women’s Health Education

I am pleased to offer individual and group childbirth education, as well as other classes related to women’s health.  Please call us to recieve a current schedule of group classes, or to schedule an individual session. 

Childbirth Education, taught by a midwife

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My childbirth classes are based on the premise that women can and do give birth quite well!  They are appropriate for families who want natural childbirth, either at home, in a birth center, or at the hospital.  I emphasize decision-making, empowerment and labor support, and I try to offer as many tools for coping with labor as possible.  I believe that each labor is different, and I emphasize individualizing care and finding what works in the moment.

My teaching style is very interactive and student-driven, with plenty of time for discussion, questions and labor practices.  My classes are appropriate for single women and couples, VBAC mothers, and anyone else who wants to learn more about birth. Non-pregnant women are welcome, too!

Topics Include:
Labor support-theories and practice, and how your support people can help
Stages of labor-how a typical labor might go, and how to respond to YOUR labor
Nutrition and pregnancy health 
Preventing and responding to common complications
Relaxation and Breathing
Birth Videos
Asking for what you want
Positions for labor and birth
Understanding intervention in birth
Labor massage
Anatomy and Physiology of birth
Tear prevention

Other Classes

Labor Support

This class is appropriate for anyone who plans to help a woman through birth.  It provides education in the process of birth and practical tools for supporting the process and the mother. For some people, this class can be the start of doing doula work. For other people, it can help you support that one special woman in her labor, whether she's your partner, your sister, your daughter or your friend.

Siblings at Birth Preparation

This class presents the process, noises, sights and sounds of birth in an interactive,  age-appropriate manner.  It offers information and a support to siblings who will be attending the birth of their new brother or sister.

Fertility Awareness Method

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