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For many women, there’s something really special about homebirth.  You’re in your own environment, where everything is comfortable and familiar.  You get to make your own rules, and do labor your own way.  Everyone is there to support you, for as long as it takes.  And when you’re done, you get to sleep in your own bed, snuggled up with your new little one.

       With the support and monitoring of a trained midwife, homebirth can be at least as safe as hospital birth for low-risk women.  Interventions are minimized, and the body is allowed to do its work while the midwife monitors the safety of the mother and baby and encourages the process.  Rather than following hospital procedure, the midwife can customize her care in support of the family’s health and well-being.  Midwives are well-trained in preventing, detecting and dealing with complications, and, in the Boston area, you are never far from a hospital should you need one.  Most planned homebirths stay at home, though, where you have the flexibility to give birth naturally, however you want, in whatever position works for you, surrounded and supported by people of your choosing.

     Having a baby at home will not make the work of giving birth less painful, but it will give you the freedom to labor in a supportive, caring environment, with attendants who know you personally and believe in you and your ability to give birth.  At home, you are trusted to do your work, nurtured along the way by midwives who know and trust natural birth.

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